Your Technology Can Take A Break

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“Before you can break out of Prison, you must realize you are locked up.” –

Do you notice yourself vegging a bit too much on technology? I will take a wild guess and say, Yes you are! Don’t feel too bad if this is you, technology has some level of grip on everybody in this day of age. A whopping 50% of teens feel addicted to their cellphones according to a CNN poll: Sadly, this statistic is no surprise, nearly every time you see a teenager, they are on their phone, these days the bulk of that time being snap chat. Now to me this is just disappointing, snap-chat is useful for some things but kids are using it for most of their communication which is not right we were given vocal cords to use them am I correct?

Anyways straight to the point, we all need to start limiting our time on technological devices. If you don’t trust my word, trust Bill Gates. Hopefully you know who I am talking about, he is the co-founder of Microsoft whom has stated that he limits his children’s use of technology. Now this says something.

Technology, as helpful as it is, has long-lasting negative impacts on our physical and psychological well-being. Many of us don’t understand the true impact technology has on us. So I have decided to share seven reasons to start limiting your use of technology.


OK, lets start with some simple science. Melatonin is a hormone which is essential to a good nights sleep, and is naturally produced as the day grows darker. Too much light from video screens affect the melatonin production giving the body the impression you aren’t ready for sleep. Furthermore, screens emit light that influences the brain to believe it is still day time which can lead to insomnia and sleep deprivation.

So limit your technology before bed and get a wonderful sleep. You will feel refreshed and motivated in the morning!


I know I can admit to experiencing an enormous loss of time after indulging in technology. Normally, I want to research something quick on the web and suddenly I find myself watching some random video on you tube or some article online three hours later. Lately I have been trying hard to become more mindful of my acts on technology in order to not experience this loss of time. Even though, space and time might be an illusion according to quantum physics. Ultimately time is one of humanities if not most treasured resources available.

Just set a timer if you need to whenever you plan to go on technology and time wont just disappear!


Social isolation is the lack of contact with other people in normal daily living. Technology can lead you to an isolated life style, if you allow yourself to get extremely addicted which is not healthy and can actually lead to a shorter life.


One thing everyone experiences in the modern world is stress. Sometimes it comes in small ripples. Other times it comes at us hard and life becomes not so fun. Modern technology has gained a large presence in out lives that it’s simple to become addicted to these devices. In turn this causes more stress to build up throughout the day, resulting in a cycle of stress accumulation.

No one deserves this extra stress at the end of the day, just give your device a break!


A study from 2016 by Career Builder Link found that the biggest productivity killers in the workplace were cell phones/texting, followed by the internet and workplace gossip. Cell phone/texting being 55% of wasted time in the workplace. This study continues to state, three in four employers say two or more hours a day are lost in productivity because employees are distracted. This is honestly saddening that people cannot focus on their task at hand without technology stepping in the way.


Constant technology use can lead to neurosis. An emotional illness in which a person experiences strong feelings of fear or worry. While, neurosis is considered a relatively mild mental disorder, it has the potential to cause a large amount of distress. To conclude, Neurosis will occur when an addiction or dependence is formed on some form of technology. If you feel the need to check your phone within a certain time span than you may have unneeded stress.

Brain Damage

Internet addiction is associated with structural and functional changes in brain regions involving emotional processing, executive attention, decision making, and cognitive control. Multiple studies have shown atrophy (shrinkage or loss of tissue volume) in gray matter areas in Internet/gaming addiction. However, this is an extreme case of technology addiction so for most people there is no need to worry about your brain restructuring.

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