Never Ever Give Up

People will give up for many reasons. Normally, people will give up when something begins to be tough or long. Many, many people will give up when they fail. They don’t acknowledge that failure is inevitable and helps us grow.

There will be times when you will want to give up. However, this is never the right thing to do and will not make you feel better. Instead, pinpoint the reasons you want to give up. You can always find a way to overcome your obstacles and push through the bad times.

As a matter of fact I almost gave up on this blog. I started struggling to think up post ideas. This resulted in a lack of blog posts being published. Over time I started to not post regularly and my motivation started to deplete. Because I was no longer motivated I completely stopped writing.

Deep down I knew I shouldn’t just give up. So here I am again writing posts.

How did I get back to writing? For one I focused heavily on the reason I started blogging in the first place. There’s no way to be motivated if you don’t have a purpose. On top of this I pinpointed why I gave up and found a way to battle it.

As stated before, I gave up because I wasn’t able to think of enough blog ideas to fit my schedule, and this demotivated me. I felt I was failing because I was not able to follow my routine.

The solution to this problem was so simple but I could not accept it until now. All I had to do was slow down on the amount of posts I published per week. Instead of writing three per week I could have written, one or two. This way I wouldn’t have ran out of ideas and lost my motivation.

Below are some things you may want to think about before you decide to give up.


Mistakes Can Teach Us

Failing is not a bad thing at all. Even if you fail at something you can try it many other ways and succeed. Think about how you learned math and got better at it. You failed many times. You could not get to the solution so you tried again in a different way until you found the correct pathway to the answer.

Remember this, the only time you fail is when are satisfied with failure. Again think about math. Let\s say you are working on a problem and get to a solution but later find it is incorrect. You can give up and accept failure or you can keep retrying. Decide to keep trying and trying and suddenly you will end up with the correct solution. You have not failed but have gotten one hundred percent success in finding the solution.

Every time you fail, you are one step closer to succeeding because every time you screw up you learn.


Time and Effort

I want you to really think about the value of your time before you give up anything. As time is one of the most valuable things you will ever have. It is the reason for your whole existence.

Time is not something you can create but you can throw it away. Keep this in mind. There is also no way to know how much time you have. That makes it very valuable and you don’t want to waste it away.

Instead of focusing on the reasons you want to give up and the struggles you may be going through, look back at all the time and effort you have previously put into whatever you may be trying to accomplish.

Giving up is like throwing time right out the door.

I don’t suggest making this mistake. Later on you will look back and be full with regret.

Use this idea of throwing time away to keep you motivated. As it will give you a purpose to keep going, which could really help if the reason you are giving up is because of a lack of purpose.



Have you ever felt proud of yourself. Ask yourself why? You overcame a challenge in life or reached a goal. Now, what are you most proud of? This would be a moment when you put tons of effort into something and reached your goal.

Pride, is definitely a reason to stay motivated and not give up. However, don’t mix up pride with arrogance. They are completely different. With pride comes confidence, which can lead to happiness and many other great benefits like good relationships etc.

You are in a way lucky that you have a feeling of giving up. It means you are struggling through something and when you have overcome it you will have a sense of pride.

Are you proud of yourself when you hop in the shower? No, not at all. Do you know why? Because it is easy and fun.

A memory is formed by overcoming a struggle. Over time you will look back on that struggle and you will be filled with joy.


Life’s Not Always Easy

If you want to succeed you need to accept life is not going to be great all the time. Success is tied to long-term determination and if you want to succeed you must keep moving forward and trying new things.

Giving up is the exact opposite. It doesn’t matter how hard something is. There is always a solution. It’s just not always easy to find at first.

You get out of life what you put in. This being said, the more effort you put in to overcome your problems, the better your life will be.


Thanks for reading this post! I hope I gave you some helpful information. If you have the time, please consider leaving some feedback or a comment. 



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How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s Easier than You Think


“The scientific truth may be put quite briefly; eat moderately, have an ordinary mixed diet, and don’t worry” – Robert Hutchison. Starting a healthy lifestyle is much easier than you may think.  Really all you must do is eat healthy, exercise, focus on your well being and research. Thankfully, you are already doing the research part.


I’m guessing you’re hopeful I can show you how to start a healthy lifestyle. That I can do; however I cannot assure that you will become healthy. You will need to work hard to develop a habit of healthy routines for yourself. Only you have the power to change your health.


Make A Plan and Stick To It


This is by far the most important part in the process of developing a healthy lifestyle. If you really want to start a healthy life, you will need to set some detailed goals.  Goals are very important as they turn our dreams into reality, by giving us focus, a way of measuring our success as well as motivation. Always remember you can do just about anything with enough motivation and determination, so always make sure you are replenishing it. Once you have your goals well thought out, it’s time for you to build your plan. Your plan will be your step by step process on obtaining your goals.


What is a goal? According to the a goal is the result of achievement toward which effort is directed. I highly emphasize the word effort in that definition. You will never reach any goal or dream in your life without effort and a hell of a lot of it. The bigger your dreams and goals, the more effort you must put in.


Now, to start developing your goals you must first analyze what you want in life. In your case you want to get healthy. Don’t set a goal like, “I want to get healthy”. This is too broad a goal, you should be setting smaller goals that are easier to attain. The reason for this is so you can reach your goals in a reasonable time frame and feel you are making progress. In turn this will keep you motivated. What I mean by a small goal is one that is specific. Take, “My goal is to read three books this week”. This can be changed to, “My goal is to read one book every two days”. Do you see how each goal actually has the same outcome; you read around 3 books per week. The difference is the more specific goal would be reached three times before the broader goal would be reached. This means you will feel satisfied three times the amount. Satisfaction is key to staying motivated.


If you have your goals at hand; it is time for your plan. This will be the map to reaching your goals. It must show the detailed path you will take to achieve your goal and also outline any problems that may arise. Create solutions to these problems so you are well prepared to deal with them. If your plan is well thought out, I have no doubt you will reach your goal. You will just need to stick with it; which will be hard at times but will definitely pay off. A tremendous amount of self-respect and sense of accomplishment will be gained by accomplishing your goal . You will experience the feeling of regret however if you give up. I really do suggest just going through with your plan.


Eat Healthy and Enjoy It

Eating healthy doesn’t have to suck. You don’t have to set strict diet limitations, stay ultra-thin, or give up the food you love. Becoming healthy is about gaining the energy you need throughout the day and feeling great because of it.



Eating Healthy:

  • Cook your own food. This will allow you to pick and choose what exactly is going into your meals.
  • Swap out any unhealthy foods you are currently eating for a healthy alternative.
  • Try to avoid prepackaged foods and processed foods and always look for the freshest food.
  • Drink plenty of water. Usually when you will feel hungry your body actually want’s more water. So make sure not to forget about drinking water.
  • Avoid sugary beverages or snacks. You get enough sugar in your meals.
  • Cut your intake on salt. Too much salt can raise your blood pressure; this put’s you at a higher risk for heart problems.


I suggest for planning what you are going to eat. There are some absolutely delicious recipes that are healthy at the same time. Make sure you check this site out I’m sure you will be pleased!


Exercise and Stay Fit









You won’t get a healthier, stronger body without exercise. It is very important to target your whole body through exercise and balance it out. Exercise will be vital in the process of becoming healthy so make sure you take this seriously. First of all, fitness  helps you with so many issues that could occur in your health. Secondly, physical activity improves stamina, strengthens the body, enhances flexibility, controls weight, improves life and lastly prevents many diseases.


Find a source of exercise you enjoy. This will help you stay motivated and maintain your exercise routine. An example could be something like swimming or dancing. Don’t pick something you find boring, chances are you will end up giving up. Completely trash the “all or nothing” attitude, there is no reason you need to spend hours upon hours doing your activity. Your passion for your activity will just slowly deplete.


Always look at what you are doing well and the progress you have made; this will increase the likelihood of succeeding. You will demotivate yourself by focusing on the progress you have not yet made. A good way to stay motivated is to reward yourself once you have successfully completed your workout. This award doesn’t have to be major at all; it could be as simple as allowing yourself some time to relax.


Make a Habit of Nourishing Your Well Being


Too many people skip this part of health. They feel all they need is a good diet and exercise. This not true once so ever. You cannot forget you have a mind and emotions. I believe you should put  most of your energy into your well being. A strong well being is linked to happiness and satisfaction of life. In conclusion your well being is how you feel about yourself and your life.


Factors Influencing Well Being:


Luckily you can kill two birds with one stone. By exercising and maintaining a healthy eating habit, you actually are building your well being. What’s even better is that the factors that influence well being are interrelated.


Happy relationships with those you immerse yourself with

Network of close people

Successful and fulfilling career

Enough wealth

Regular Exercise

Healthy diet

Adequate sleep

Spiritual or Religious practice

Hobbies and fun endeavors

High self esteem

Optimism with life

Goals set in place

Sense of purpose

Sense of inclusion

The ability to adapt to changes


Wellness can be broken down into multiple layers; social, mental, spiritual and emotional well being. In a later article I will go into details of each of the following but I am keeping it simple in this article since it is a broader topic I am covering here and I wrote this article under the assumption you don’t want to be reading for that long.


Start Now!


Get in and just set your goals now! Trust me you have time for it. You may not have time to create your whole plan but you definitely have time to write down a few things. Don’t let procrastination dictate your life. When you feel you need a change in life immediately act on it or it will just keep building up. This will cause a depletion of your well being which is the exact opposite of what you want. Good luck on your journey to a healthy lifestyle! I know you can succeed; you just need to know it too!








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