How To Save Your Money

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It is quite obvious that saving money is a huge part of your success, the question in the mind of the majority of people whom do not save is:


“How can I save?”


Saving money is entirely based on habit. It is true that people form their personalities through habit. As you repeat acts a few times it becomes a habit.  For example, when you first drive you don’t know any routes around the city or town you live in but as you keep driving it becomes second nature and you don’t even think about it.


Many people have gone into debt or poverty by not forming good habits throughout life and wonder why and how they got to where they are.  In most cases, these people either have not heard of or ignored the Law of Attraction which states, “Like attracts like”. So if you keep on focusing on the fact that you’re in debt than according to this law you’re going to stay that way. Whereas if you imagine yourself out of debt; you’re likely going to start finding ways to bring more money into your life because your thoughts are attracting the reality where you are out of debt. This may seem far-fetched but if you truly believe in something it will become a reality. The reason the Law of attraction seems so, “out there” is because most people can’t truly believe something is real without seeing it with their eyes.  For example, people see the Law of Attraction and want to incorporate it in their life and they start to focus their thoughts on a better life, under the assumption they truly believe but nothing changes and they give up on the theory and asses the theory as false.


Here is a great article on your thoughts:


Poverty and debt can be fatal to your saving’s habit because you begin to have fear. Your ambition, self-confidence and hope can cripple with it. The only way to get out of your debt is to keep up your saving’s habit or create one. Debt and poverty can also become habitual and you do not want this to happen. There are a couple ways to kill the fear of debt and poverty. First, stop buying on credit and start paying off your already procured debt. Secondly, you must completely abolish any spending habit you may have. Do not buy things outside your needs until you are debt-free. As you start seeing your debt decrease your old or new habit of saving will start to increase. Without fear your mind will become more focused and able to discipline itself in the form of good habits that may seem difficult to keep.


A question that comes up quite a lot is, “How much should I save?”  this is a great question and has many answers. The amount one should save depends on multiple conditions. My suggestion to you would to save at least ten percent of your income or money every month. If you feel you can cut back on your expenses and save more do. Don’t over save though because you don’t want to feel uncomfortable with your lifestyle.


To start saving:

1.       Record your expenses:

To start, you must first record all of your purchases. This means recording everything even your coffee you may buy in the morning or the paper you need for your printer etc. Once you have data on a month of expenses I suggest sorting the data into categories and add the numbers up.

2.       Build a budget:

Now that you have a bunch of data on your expenses, you know where you may be overspending. So thoroughly look through your data and set limits where you are over spending.

3.       Set saving’s goals:

Setting up goals will bring the excitement to saving and motivate you to keep saving. Figure out exactly how long and how much you must spend for each goal.

4.       Have priorities:

You should set priorities for your saving’s goals. Find out which goals are most important and benefit in the long run. Sort your goals into a list based on what you find. Some goals you may not be able to start yet from insufficient funds but can be achieved at a later period.



The benefits of saving are plentiful. One of the largest contributor to people’s stress is money. This comes from the fact that money really dictates how we live our lives. It is what we drive to work, wear and eat to where we live. People despise the feeling of limited choices. One benefit is that saving is very rewarding. When you reach your goal you get this feeling of euphoria. Most importantly though saving will help you feel like you’re in full control of your life.



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