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Are you one of those people who just hate working with other people? Do you feel like you get more done by working by yourself? Well I have some bad news; working together with people will be a huge benefactor to your success.


I have to admit I didn’t like working with people either. It wasn’t until I came across the theory of the, “Master Mind” that I embraced group work and valued it.


I should probably define what I mean by, “Master Mind” before I proceed on. A master mind is created when multiple minds come together in complete harmony. To put is simply, when multiple people come together and collaborate in harmony, more value will be formed than if one person was collaborating with himself on the matter.


For example, if you group employees or student’s together to work on projects, everyone has their own knowledge and experiences. All this knowledge and experience becomes shared among them. If a problem arises in the project it will be tackled quite quickly because of the diversity of knowledge within the group.


If only one person were working on this project however, the project would take a much longer time to complete because the person only has his/her mind to contemplate with. So if he/she comes upon a problem he/she can’t fix, he/she lacks the possible solutions he/she could have with a group.


The Master Mind Group


To create a Master Mind, you must form a special kind of group. Funny enough, this kind of group is just called a Master Mind Group.


This group can consist of as many or as few people as you wish. Just make sure the people whom are in the group work simultaneously to a common objective and work well together.


A Master Mind group can help you solve problems you may have or give you a push through difficult times.


Many Master Mind groups are held in a formal matter. However it’s entirely up to your group how you want to organize your meetings.


I suggest, at your Master Mind meetings, everyone share their goals or issues with everyone. After someone is done sharing, have the members of the group respond and contribute to a discussion by sharing knowledge or providing answers.


One important benefit about mastermind groups is accountability. When you share your goals and talk about them, you are far more likely to achieve them. It’s probably because of the motivation you receive from your group members at each meeting.


If you want to join or create a Master Mind group, I suggest asking around and going on social sites where you can find like-minded people.


All Master Mind groups will behave differently, so it may take a few groups to find the right one for you. I wish you luck!


If you have been part of a Master Mind group or have any information on them, please share your knowledge and experience. Even if it’s just a small tip, people will really appreciate it!


Have a good one!








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