Improve Your Day With a Morning Ritual

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How many times do you wake up feeling terrible in the morning? All the time is my bet. The reason you are feeling this way in the morning is because you have not built a good morning ritual or routine. Morning rituals will contribute heavily to how you feel when you wake up, as well as how the rest of your day will go. You will have a sense of purpose to get out of bed and be energized to do so. And most importantly you will have a fantastic day! Full of joy.


There is no certain routine you should go by. Instead you must experiment over time and find what works for you. How much sleep do you need? How much caffeine? Or do you not need caffeine at all? What activities will you do? It will definitely take time to find your perfect routine, but will be well worth the wait.


My Morning Routine:


1.       Smile

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is smile. Smiling will not only help get you out of bed but also remind you to be grateful for your life. By smiling you’re actually changing your mental stat thus creating a great start to the morning.



2.       Drink Water

Next, I drink water and LOTS of it. I drink at least two large glasses of water. Why drink so much water? The reason for drinking so much is because throughout the night your body becomes severely dehydrated.  And dehydration drastically affects our mood and energy level.



3.       Cold Shower

If you want to boost your alertness and really wake yourself up, take a cold shower. A cold shower may seem horrifying, but if you have one daily your body gets used to it. Some of the benefits include increased alertness, improved immunity and circulation, relief from depression and ease of stress. Some great news! You don’t need to give up your warm shower. Just shower in cold water than warm water.



4.       Meditate

There is no better way to start your morning than meditating. Meditation is so great for your mind; it boosts cognitive functions, builds focus and concentration, relieves stress and even increases grey matter. There are countless other benefits I have not named out there as well. I suggest meditating around twenty minutes in the morning because it doesn’t take much time out of your day.


5.       Exercise

Every morning I make sure I do some sort of exercise. I keep it short around twenty minutes because the purpose is to improve my energy levels for the day. Some days I will go for a quick jog or do some body weight exercises.


6.       Healthy Meal

Lastly, I have a nutritious meal. Normally, I will have a smoothie with oatmeal or some yogurt and fruit. I find this makes me feel great and boosts my energy in the morning. There are countless healthy breakfast meals you can come up with if you want to start eating healthy in the morning.



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