Do These Five Things to Stay Motivated

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Set High Standards For Yourself


You will receive what you expect in life. If you set a standard and expect to follow it, you will. Write down what you expect of yourself and say it out loud every morning and every night. Your thoughts dictate your feeling’s and your feeling’s form your actions. It is that simple. This being said, if you set higher expectations for yourself, you will gain much more out of life.


Determine Exactly What Your Going For


Find exactly what your motivating force is. To succeed you must have a reason. One, that really outlines your passion and your vision. If you have found your driving force, it’s time to get serious; draw all the passionate energy within you and release it. Just sit back and watch your passion work wonders to your life.

If you have not yet found your passion, do not worry. Everyone, has a passion it’s sometimes just hiding within you and will only come out when it’s triggered by an experience.


Develop A Plan


Planning is one of the most important steps to reaching a specific goal. It also keeps you motivated to proceed to the end because you have an outline right there in front of you. There is no reason to give up if you are passionate and prepared for your goal.


Here are the few simple steps for creating your plan:

  1. Write down your goals
  2. Focus on one goal at a time
  3. Create a timeline
  4. Go through with your plan


A plan is very simple to create. The issue is it’s time consuming. You must really put a lot of thought and research into how you will accomplish your goals.


Reward Yourself


There are many reasons you should be rewarding your hard work and progress towards your goals. For one, the more you are aware of and reward your success, the more success will come to you.


You will always have goals throughout life. This means if you don’t reward yourself in some form during life you will not be happy and you may even lose motivation to pursue your dreams.


By rewarding yourself, you are showing gratitude to your mind and body. As my mom used to say, “You get more bees with honey”. This is such an important fact to understand and is totally true in all aspects of life.


On the other hand, if you skip out on rewarding yourself, then you are creating a negative cycle. Your brain will start to ask, “What’s the purpose of what I am doing?” because you are receiving nothing for your work.


Take Breaks


Everyone becomes exhausted or just worn-out at some point. And we all know, our productivity goes right out the door. Yet many of us just keep working ourselves through these conditions. There are many reasons for this. One, being that people believe that taking a break will lengthen their work.


However, taking a break from time to time can be great for you. A break makes you much more productive, refreshes your mind, and boosts creativity.


I strongly believe that if you are striving towards a goal; and you don’ t take any breaks, you will eventually give up. The brain is very intelligent and also selfish. If it feels you aren’t benefiting from something, it will encourage you to quit doing it.

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