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Never Ever Give Up

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People will give up for many reasons. Normally, people will give up when something begins to be tough or long. Many, many people will give up when they fail. They don’t acknowledge that failure is inevitable and helps us grow.

There will be times when you will want to give up. However, this is never the right thing to do and will not make you feel better. Instead, pinpoint the reasons you want to give up. You can always find a way to overcome your obstacles and push through the bad times.

As a matter of fact I almost gave up on this blog. I started struggling to think up post ideas. This resulted in a lack of blog posts being published. Over time I started to not post regularly and my motivation started to deplete. Because I was no longer motivated I completely stopped writing.

Deep down I knew I shouldn’t just give up. So here I am again writing posts.

How did I get back to writing? For one I focused heavily on the reason I started blogging in the first place. There’s no way to be motivated if you don’t have a purpose. On top of this I pinpointed why I gave up and found a way to battle it.

As stated before, I gave up because I wasn’t able to think of enough blog ideas to fit my schedule, and this demotivated me. I felt I was failing because I was not able to follow my routine.

The solution to this problem was so simple but I could not accept it until now. All I had to do was slow down on the amount of posts I published per week. Instead of writing three per week I could have written, one or two. This way I wouldn’t have ran out of ideas and lost my motivation.

Below are some things you may want to think about before you decide to give up.


Mistakes Can Teach Us

Failing is not a bad thing at all. Even if you fail at something you can try it many other ways and succeed. Think about how you learned math and got better at it. You failed many times. You could not get to the solution so you tried again in a different way until you found the correct pathway to the answer.

Remember this, the only time you fail is when are satisfied with failure. Again think about math. Let\s say you are working on a problem and get to a solution but later find it is incorrect. You can give up and accept failure or you can keep retrying. Decide to keep trying and trying and suddenly you will end up with the correct solution. You have not failed but have gotten one hundred percent success in finding the solution.

Every time you fail, you are one step closer to succeeding because every time you screw up you learn.


Time and Effort

I want you to really think about the value of your time before you give up anything. As time is one of the most valuable things you will ever have. It is the reason for your whole existence.

Time is not something you can create but you can throw it away. Keep this in mind. There is also no way to know how much time you have. That makes it very valuable and you don’t want to waste it away.

Instead of focusing on the reasons you want to give up and the struggles you may be going through, look back at all the time and effort you have previously put into whatever you may be trying to accomplish.

Giving up is like throwing time right out the door.

I don’t suggest making this mistake. Later on you will look back and be full with regret.

Use this idea of throwing time away to keep you motivated. As it will give you a purpose to keep going, which could really help if the reason you are giving up is because of a lack of purpose.



Have you ever felt proud of yourself. Ask yourself why? You overcame a challenge in life or reached a goal. Now, what are you most proud of? This would be a moment when you put tons of effort into something and reached your goal.

Pride, is definitely a reason to stay motivated and not give up. However, don’t mix up pride with arrogance. They are completely different. With pride comes confidence, which can lead to happiness and many other great benefits like good relationships etc.

You are in a way lucky that you have a feeling of giving up. It means you are struggling through something and when you have overcome it you will have a sense of pride.

Are you proud of yourself when you hop in the shower? No, not at all. Do you know why? Because it is easy and fun.

A memory is formed by overcoming a struggle. Over time you will look back on that struggle and you will be filled with joy.


Life’s Not Always Easy

If you want to succeed you need to accept life is not going to be great all the time. Success is tied to long-term determination and if you want to succeed you must keep moving forward and trying new things.

Giving up is the exact opposite. It doesn’t matter how hard something is. There is always a solution. It’s just not always easy to find at first.

You get out of life what you put in. This being said, the more effort you put in to overcome your problems, the better your life will be.


Thanks for reading this post! I hope I gave you some helpful information. If you have the time, please consider leaving some feedback or a comment. 



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